World Of Wearable Art

In an age of multiplying media, Rohit for the last few years has been striving to go beyond the confines of traditional photography to create art through the marriage of the unlikely - of the alive and the lifeless, of the relic and the real. It makes for compelling work - creative, challenging, disruptive of gold, lazy ways of seeing. It pulls the viewer away from cliche to new forms and often an erotic frisson. - Tarun J Tejpal, Tehelka
In the time l've known Rohit (for over two decades), he has never followed the herd. his ideas were, almost always, ahead of their time and provoked you into thinking.

Rohit's fashion work, often experimental and mischievous, is always imbued with a streak of irreverence. His fashion photography invariably flirts with art and his creative work toys with fashion.

Rohit is a brilliant maverick who has mastered the art of surprises. Every time you think you've seen it all, he re-invents himself and surprises you again.

May his tribe multiply. - Alex Kuruvilla, Conde Nast India
Rohit Chawla has cut his teeth in the world of fashion photography and advertising - the former is often accused of unwearable artifice and the latter is all about consumption. It is only befitting that his images here mock the familiar dialectics of art and utility, from and function. These post-industrial women extend themseves to the mechanical and the natural with ease in his images. - Rama Lakshmi, Washington Post
Rohit Chawla's visual essays on fashion are a celebration as well as subversion. The international kitsch in geometry that sets his frames apart draws its energy from the relentless combat between form and fantasy. his lens limns shifting moods of nature as a backdrop to figures camouflaged in varying patterns of eroticism. Rohit's enchantresses, no matter whether they are earth goddesses or waifs with a piercing metallic attitude, exude the most elementalsexuality-and push the frontiers of fashion photography.
- S. Prasannarajan, India Today